Emotional Well-being Put Simply

First it’s time to demyth the idea that some emotions are more favorable than others ( joy, love vs. sadness, heartbreak) and replace this with the idea that working with all your emotions is in your best interest. Of course, it's not always the right moment to feel all your feels or bring up past grief of your last relationship. So just like you would schedule in time to drink water or get a workout in, it's important to find moments to acknowledge what may be ready to be released or what emotions feel heavy inside. 

We recommend finding a supportive space to be alone and sit with yourself. A few places we would recommend are at home, on a pillow or mat or outside in your favorite place in nature, get comfortable!

The Practice 

  • Place your hand over your heart and picture your breath releasing anything heavy or stuck inside. Do this for 2-5 minutes to start and journal anything that you were letting go of. 
  • With every inhale, breath in one affirmative word (I am breathing into my true nature) and with every exhale breath out an emotion you are ready to release (I am ready to release grief). Feel into this pattern and keep going for a few minutes. 
  • Sit down with the focus of being still and getting curious about what emotions you would like to acknowledge without judgement let yourself be free to feel into what’s coming up. You can journal what comes up and work with one of the above steps to process over time. 


The Benefits 

  • What we don’t feel can stay repressed inside our body and cloud the mind, body and spirit. Oftentimes unprocessed grief is one of the deepest emotions we hold onto and an important one to work through. When we acknowledge and start to release these layers of emotions we feel lighter and let go. 
  • With less weight of unprocessed feelings staying repressed inside us, we can focus this freed up energy towards living closer to our true nature.  
  • When you set yourself free you encourage others to do the same. 


*We always encourage you to find the best practice that works for you in partnership with a healthcare provider.

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