How Botanicals Can Support Your Emotions

Nature has a special wisdom to work with the functions of our mind, body and spirit and essential oils and flower remedies can match various emotional states such as anger, fear, sadness (to name a few) to bring you towards balance and a supportive release of emotions. In order for this to work properly it becomes essential to acknowledge which emotions you would like to work through and match them with the right botanical blend. We’ve formulated all our blends with all your special emotions in mind, read below to see which oils can support various emotions. 


Essential Oils 

Anger - Chamomile 

Sadness - Lavender, Clary sage 

Fear - Grapefruit, Ylang-ylang 

Grief - Patchouli, Cedarwood 


Flower Remedies 

Anger - Holly (jealousy or aggressive feelings), 

Sadness - Mustard (passing clouds of sadness)

Fear - Mimulus (known fear), Aspen (unknown fear)

Grief - Star of Bethlehem 


*In order to take the right flower remedy it's important to know the root cause of your emotion. For example: are you fearful because you are transitioning in life and leaving an old job? It’s important to read the description of each flower remedy carefully and find the best match.  


Our Product Recommendations: 

Anger - With Love, Center Roller, Peace Mist

Sadness - Wavy Roller, Peace Mist, Follow The Sun 

Fear - Alive Mist, Peace Roller, Free Spirit 

Grief - Evergreen Mist, Center Roller, Soulful 


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