Which Botanical Products Are Right For Me?


How can I know which flower remedy to start with and how long do I take them? 

While browsing through our flower remedies you can see them categorized based on your desired emotional benefit. We recommend browsing through each flower remedy description and closely matching your areas of focus to the description. The more closely you match the description the more impactful. If you match with multiple bottle descriptions, select the bottle that is most relevant to you at the time of purchase. 


If you are starting with remedies for the first time we recommend starting with Heart of Gold, Soulful, Inner Beauty or With Love as they work on grief and deep repressed emotions through the formulas.


How do I take the flower remedies? 

We recommend taking the flower remedy until the bottle is finished following a consistent intake of 4 drops 4 times per day. Since the flower essences work with your energy field, the consistent intake breaks up emotional patterns overtime and supports in experiencing the benefits. 


How do I use the essential oil rollers? 

There are several ways to apply an essential roller and it's important to keep in mind that you can rely on them many times throughout your day to offer on the go emotional support from morning to evening. You can roll our essential oil rollers directly on your pulse points (wrists, top of the neck), under the chin, on the palm of your hand and take an inhale, on the soles of your feet. Since the soles of our feet contain many reflex points we recommend this spot before sleep to absorb into your body. 


We do not recommend ingesting our rollers or rolling close to sensitive areas. For citrus based essential oil formulas avoid direct contact with the sun on the roller area while using. 


How do I use the mists? 

The mists are a great spray for your immediate space. They are great to spray while in meditation, processing emotions, and being at home. It’s best to spray the mists away from the body and instead in your immediate space. Always shake the mists before spritzing since the oil compounds can separate from the rest of the formula. As a bonus the mists can be spritzed on fresh sheets and clothing. 

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