Myraflores is passionate about simple self-care routines that gently empower through carefully-formulated botanical blends. We believe with our whole hearts in the wisdom of nature to support the natural functions of the mind, body and spirit—so you have more freedom to be yourself in everyday life.

Essential Oils

All our essential oils are ethically-sourced, EU and USDA certified-organic, operate under a sustainable supply chain and come from a family-owned business that places strong values on cultural diversity. We are proud to work with our partners in France who started their business inspired to bring together different cultures while offering the highest-quality raw materials with love for nature and respect for all people. For oils that are better cultivated under native growing conditions our supplier works fairly with growing partners from around the globe. 

Flower Essences

All our flower essences are sourced from the UK countryside where nature and wildlife flourish. The essences follow a biodynamic farming practice using only organic-, locally-sourced fertilizers and are charged following a lunar-cycle harvesting method. Our remedy formulations and use of flower essences are inspired by Dr. Bach’s teachings, a UK-based homeopath from the 1920’s who believed that nature is simple and can provide us the healing we need to live close to our truest selves. 


We formulate all our blends in the heart of Amsterdam following a small-batch process. Each of our finished formulas have been carefully selected with a goal to connect different parts of nature to optimal emotional well-being and freedom for each individual. That’s why we’ve matched specific botanicals to different emotional categories to ensure you are using the right botanicals to support you in every moment. Small batches and pre-orders help us avoid overproduction and instead work with nature to ensure we are supplying based on demand. 

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