Our story

Myraflores stands behind emotional freedom through our products of flower remedies, botanical mists and essential oils. We hope to create a welcoming space for you to experience and release all your special emotions with the gentle support of nature. We believe that the word "dis-ease" can come from repressed emotions that stay trapped in the body and cloud our spirit when they are not healthily felt and released. We encourage you to see all your emotions as special and work with them to set them free.

Myraflores was founded by Tash Keren who decided to settle in Amsterdam after years of travelling and experiencing the beauty of different cultures around the world from India, San Francisco, Panama, Vancouver to London. Tash’s personal connection to wellness and nature has been a heartbeat and pillar throughout her life. For many years she built her education on essential oils and all natural products through a career educating celebrities, editors and influencers on the healing properties of plants. She then took her learning further to deepen her knowledge of aromatherapy, homeopathy and Bach’s flower therapy to now connect nature with emotional well-being.

A note from Tash

"Myraflores is dedicated to my grandmother, Meli's spirit. With many unresolved emotions, I set out on a personal transformation in my late 20's. For so long I had lived outside my cultural upbringing, but when I rediscovered this special gift of cultural identity, I reconnected with the home of my lineage in Miraflores, Peru. From Spanish translated to english Miraflores means, “look at the flowers.”

Myraflores is for all beings who have felt alone and unsupported while experiencing challenging emotions, wanting to go deeper in their own experience of wellness, having been called “too emotional” or ever feeling societal pressures to repress instead of living into their truest nature.

Despite past conditioning it’s time to rediscover strength as the ability to experience and healthily address all emotions. This is the new definition of well-being that I would like to openly reference and integrate into society’s current understanding of wellness.”

Premium quality, organically grown, all natural, cruelty free, vegan and sourced ethically in the EU + UK.

We're on a mission to normalize emotional well-being for all beings. That’s why we’re committed to supporting you through the power of flowers, because we believe the moment you feel into your truest nature, you set yourself free.

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