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Premium quality, organically grown, all natural, cruelty free, vegan and sourced ethically in the EU + UK.

Myraflores is an all-natural botanical empowerment brand on a mission to normalize emotional well-being for all beings. That’s why we’re committed to supporting you through the power of flowers, because we believe the moment you feel into your truest nature, you set yourself free.

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Essential oil roller

Our rollers offer a state change through your senses to connect you with nature, anywhere your day takes you. Travel light with our pocket- sized rollers and roll directly onto the skin to feel all of the benefits anytime of day.

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Blue mist bottle

Supercharged with a blend of flower essences and essential oils to match your desired emotional state, spritz around your space and body as an aura mist or on freshly cleaned sheets.

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We formulate unique blends of flower essences to support and promote the release of emotions that could otherwise stay stagnant in the mind, body and spirit over time. Each bottle should be taken at a minimum of 4 drops under the tongue 4 times per day to gently break emotional patterns and go deeper into well-being.

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To feel joy, restoration + flow.

To feel detachment, flow, presence, forgiveness, boundaries + efficiency.

To feel balanced and uplift your state of mind.

Our Ingredients

Following the highest-growing standards, Myraflores' premium-quality botanicals are ethically sourced from around the EU + UK. We formulate our small-batch blends in the heart of Amsterdam and use a pre-order system to skip the waste caused by overproduction. We value connecting with the purest sources of nature to support individual emotional well-being while also keeping in mind the sensitivity of each body and its journey.

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Community Reviews

"MF is now part of my daily routine. I use the 
Wavy Roller for stressful situations or when I need to feel more grounded. I also carry the roller with me to work/school. I use the Peace Mist Spray for my sheets just before I get into bed. The smell gives me an instant feeling of calmness and satisfaction. The plant scent is so strong that I feel a direct connection with nature. I just love it and can’t wait to try out more!" ⁠

- Beyda

Community Reviews

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure if a couple of drops of 
Letting Go Flower Remedy would help me channel my stress in a better way. And how would I know if it did/didn’t work? Well, when I was out of drops I found out it did really have an effect on me. It truly helped me to put things in perspective and relax more in my day to day at a fast-pace job. Time for me to order a new one actually :)"

- Robbert

Community Reviews

"I used Letting Go combined with the Peace Roller and Wavy Mist and I’ve seen such a shift in how I deal with stressful situations and letting go of the past. I love seeing every remedy as another healing journey and the roller is perfect for sinking deeper into my meditation. Keep sharing the magic!"

- Marit

Community Reviews

“I was instantly drawn to the way my body responded to the Center Roller ; I felt increasingly calm and grounded. The roller itself feels very soothing on the skin and the oil is a lovely mix of beautiful scents and oils. The Center Roller is perfect for anchoring into the present moment; whether it's a yoga session, meditation or just attempting some presence of a certain moment.”

- Nia