Soulful Flower Remedy
Soulful Flower Remedy
Soulful Flower Remedy
Soulful Flower Remedy

Soulful Flower Remedy

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To feel comfort, cleansing, peace, focus, protection + strength.

Flower essences
Star of bethlehem, clematis, impatient, rock rose, cherry plum, walnut + crab apple.

Recommended for
• A shock or trauma
• Gentle support with daily stress
• Protection during life’s transitions
• Releasing patterns of obsessive behaviour
• Working through grief
• Experiencing the loss of someone
• Heavy patterns of fear holding you back
• Seeing the reality and gaining present moment awareness

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We formulate our small-batch blends in the heart of Amsterdam and use a pre-order system to skip the waste caused by overproduction.

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 Edible Flower Essence.

Also part of the Well-being Kit.

How to use

Take 4 drops under the tongue 4x per day until the remedy is complete. If you're sensitive to taste add to water, juice or coffee.

For more information please refer to our FAQ page.

Natural mineral water (80,67%), brandy bio 40% vol or vegetable glycerin (16,67%), flower essences (2,67%).

Keep out of reach of children. Should not be substituted for a balanced diet. When ingesting flower essences, do not touch the dropper to your mouth and do not place the dropper on an unclean surface.

How to use our Flower Remedies

1. find the right remedy for you

It's important to first browse all flower remedies and find the one that best matches your current emotional state. You can find details under "recommend for" section of each remedy.

2. take the remedy consistently

Commit to consistency by taking 4 drops under the tongue 4x's per day until the bottle is done. It's best to take it in the morning when you wake up and at night before bed to also tap into your subconscious state.

3. check-in with yourself

Once the bottle is done see how you are feeling. You can choose to repeat the same remedy again to go deeper in the effects or find a new remedy that best matches your state. The impact of all flower remedies are gentle + subtle.